Foundry Equipment Spares

Greeb sand and resin sand

Foundry Equipment Spares

HEZHI offers a complete range of spare parts and material for those foundries who want to upgrade from manual processes, to project managing and providing equipment for the complete foundry. HEZHI develops and manufactures a complete range of metal casting production solutions for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries. A long-standing tradition of innovation, reliability and commitment to providing its customers with competitive business value results in HEZHI today enjoying the trust and loyalty of leading foundries all over the world.

Casting Ceramic Foam Filter

Filter out impurities&air bubbles,

Purify and rectify molten metal

Casting Graphite Carburizer

Significantly increase the amount of scrap steel. Reduce the amount of pig iron using

Foundry Dust Slag Remover

Slag removal and dust removal

Reduce casting scrap rate

Casting Refractory Material

Foundry metallurgy Industry Special for electric furnace, ladle.

Granular,Powder,Block type

Foundry Bentonite

Mainly material for Green Sand Molding Casting process.

Foundry Silica Sand

Base sand for green sand molding

Furan resin & Phenolic Resin

High strength, low odor,

good sand breaking and suitable viscosity

Epoxy Resin Curing Agent

Environmentally Friendly Casting Curing Agent

Spare parts for Sand Mixer

Different Mixing Blades



Crank Arm

Spare part of Sand Blasting Machine

Different Blasting gun

boron Carbide Blasting Nozzle

Wear-resistant Blasting Hose

Blasting Helmet,Gloves, Filter

Spare Parts of Blasting Turbine

Wearing parts for Shot Blasting Machine

High chrome &durable

Steel Abrasive for Sand &Shot Blasting Machine

Steel Shot, Steel Grits

Cut wire,

SUS Abrasive.

Glass Sand.

Corundum Abrasive

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