Greeb sand and resin sand

Types of Foundry Sand Mixing Equipment

Sand mixing is a key piece of Foundry Equipment for mixing sand with binding agents.
At Foundry Machinery and Spares we have developed our Sand Mixing equipment over the past decades years. Our proven design is used across our large range of various Green Sand Mixers, Resin Sand Mixers, and Core Sand Mixers.
Each product in our Sand Mixer range has been designed with an easy to open split tube design and removable mixing shaft that can be removed quickly. Our Sand Mixing equipment utilises a mixing shaft arrangement that uses blades designed in-house by HZM and have over 30 years of proven effectiveness.
Batch Mixing

Green Sand Mixer and Muller / Core Sand Mixer

In small to medium-sized sand systems or difficult mixing applications, versatility is critical. The Mix-Muller has been carefully designed and proportioned to achieve maximum performance, versatility and energy efficiency in these types of applications. Models are available from mixing capacity of 50kgs to 5000kgs. Pneumatic cylinders operated / manual Side door is provided for retrieval of sand after mixing. Skip chargers are also provided for dumping raw sand into mixer or mixed sand into the hopper of the machine.

Single Wheel Type Green Sand Mixer

S13 sand mixer muller machine is economic sand mixing machine for clay sand. Wheel and rotor crush and mix foundry sands,clay, coal power and water. S13 Green sand mixing machine is suitable for manual and semi-automatic clay sand casting.

Double Wheels Type Green Sand Mixer

S11 green sand mixer muller is economic sand mixing machine for green sand. Two wheels crush and mix foundry sands, clay, coal power andwater.

Rotor Type High Speed Green Sand Mixer

Rotor type Green sand mixer – Model S14 Series is used to mix clay sand or green sand as common foundry equipment. Used sands or new sands are mixed with clay, coal powder. Water is also added while mixing from special water supply device.

Continous Sand Mixing

Resin Sand Mixer

HEZHI proudly supplies the most complete and flexible line of high speed continuous sand mixers available in the world. These mixing system will provide consistently coated sand grains or no-bake foundry sands with both resin and catalyst for complete chemical reaction. Standard capacity can be from 2 T/hr to 40 T/hr.
Continuous sand mixers will help reduce chemical consumption, increase productivity and improve mould quality with its innovative range of standard features. The mixing chamber houses the alloy steel drive shaft that holds tungsten-carbide faced mixing blades. The drive motor is direct-coupled to the drive shaft eliminating any external belt or gearing system.

Single arm resin sand mixer

The single arm resin sand mixer has short structure and small working area.It is only suitable for small sand box molding and small casting volume. Electric adopts imported PLC control, stable and reliable work, to achieve automatic production.

Double arms resin sand mixer

Doulbe Arm Resin sand mixer is a continuous operation of the resin sand sand mixing machine, Mixing outputs range from 3T per hour to 100T per hour, ideal for smaller foundries and catering for a number of individual customer requirements.

Bowl type resin sand mixer

This bowl resin sand mixing equipment is only used for mixing sand and sand from the hard core. It can be used alone or with other devices with a combination of sand from the hard-bake sand production line.

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