Greeb sand and resin sand

Sand Reclamation Systems

HEZHI is Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Sand Reclamation Systems, Sand Reclamation Plant and Equipment for all Foundries. We have a full range of thermal and mechanical sand reclamation plants suitable for all green sand and no-bake resin processes. The use of quality reclaimed sand in metal casting is crucial to the quality of the final product and to keeping your foundry inline with industry regulation. HEZHI offers a wide range for sand reclamation equipment ranging from 0.5 – 20 tonnes per hour, our low and high-level reclamation plants can be installed without the need for pits or special foundations

Sand Reclamation System Features

Clay bonded foundry sand

Green sand reclamation plant

HEZHI Green sand reclamation plant was developed to dispose of Used Foundry Green Sand (UFGS) remains one of the significant challenges faced by foundry industry nowadays. They include vertical fluidized bed, horizontal fluidized bed and a novel ball-mill type attrition and sieving unit. The cost per ton of reclaimed sand is higher in case of fluidized bed based prototypes while in case of attrition and sieving based prototype, it is less than half of the cost of the fresh sand. The experimental data generated on the two-stage attrition and sieving unit under different conditions is further used to arrive at a semi-empirical correlation and the optimum set of design and operating parameters to get the best performance. The slurry is easily mulled or mixed-in during green-sand preparation, and the improved green-sand properties that result include: • Increased green strength at equivalent MB clay levels; • Reduced friability; • Improved flowability and toughness; • Increased wet-tensile strength; • Increased green compressive and shear strengths.
Chemically bonded sand

No-bake sand Resin sand reclamation plant

Resin sand reclamation plant is important way to handle chemical bonded resin foundry sands. Today’s foundry using one of the many chemically bonded sand systems is under increasing pressure to reduce costs, reduce it’s impact on the environment but at the same time improve and maintain it’s casting quality. Cost reductions after installing sand reclamation are made by re-using the sand after casting, buying less new sand and with some systems actually reducing the binder content at the mixer. Due to less sand being dumped there is an obvious reduction to the impact on the environment. Casting quality is improved by using less resin at the mixer and improving the sand grain’s characteristics so that it becomes more rounded. A more rounded sand grain leads to better compaction after mixing, greater strength and better surface finish.
Full range of

Other types of reclamation systems

For Lost Foam Casting

Reclaming used sands of Lost Foam Casting

For V Process Casting

Reclaming used fourndy sands in lost foam casting

For Shell Mold Casting

To reclam used fourndy steel filling sand during shell mold casting

Static Pressure Casting

Reclaming used sands of Static Pressure Casting

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