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Automatic Inclined Rolling Drum Shot Blaster Tilt Barrel Shot Blasting Machine

The Inclined roller Drum Media Blasting Machine/Abrasive Blasting Equipment designed for Shot Blast Cleaning of small or medium size iron, steel, alloy and non-ferrous castings, forgings, heat treated parts, pressings and Fabrications at the lowest possible cost. The Inclined Rotary Drum Media Blasting Machine/Abrasive Blasting Equipment is the choice for blast cleaning very small parts that can be batched and tumbled. A cement mixer type of tumbling chamber presents parts to the blast wheel providing a simple, yet effective blast cleaning solution. Rotary drums can be configured to provide fully automated processes.

Automatic Inclined Rolling Drum Shot Blaster Tilt Barrel Shot Blasting Machine

Main  Description: 

Inclined drum type shot blasting machine , with unique drum shaking structure , when it is in shot blast cleaning , the roller will rotate and shake up and down in the same time , so products in the roller are completely agitated , achieve even cleaning effect . Shot blasting chamber adopts unique structure , suitable for surface rust removal of work pieces in medium or small quantity batch production with many varieties. Put the work pieces into the barrel and blasting it in side way.

The high speed impeller throws the abrasive to the continuous tumbling castings or forgings in barrel, to remove the greensand or scales on the surface. It cleans evenly and its productivity is high, so it is suitable for cleaning the small work pieces whose weight are under 15g in medium or small-scale casting or forging workshops.

No. Item Specification Specification Specification
1 Model HZQG317 HZQG3110 HZQG3115
2 Drum Size D700*800mm D1000*1065mm D1500*1600mm
3 Drum Max Loading 60-150kg 200-400kg 800-1500kg
4 Productivity 0.3-1t/h 1-2t/h 4-8t/h
5 Drum Rotating Speed 7.1r/min 4.2r/min 3r/min
6 Blasting Turbine 1*120kg/min 1*380kg/min 1*480kg/min
7 Machine Power About 15kw About 35kw About 50kw
8 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5 Sa2.0-2.5 Sa2.0-2.5
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