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Steel Shot Filled Phenolic Resin Coated Sand Shell Moulding Processing Casting Line for Motor Cover

Steel shot filled shell molding line (referred to as shell molding line) is to put the shell (made of coated sand) sand mold into the sand box, and use iron shot steel shot or dry sand as the filling to support the sand mold. The production process of casting molding.
Castings are cooled by steel shot/iron shot/dry sand. The cooling speed is fast, the air permeability is good, the steel shot recyclability is good, the mold consumption is slow, and the mold change is easy.
Compared with ordinary sand casting, the coated sand shell molding line has the advantages of less investment, small area, simple process, less dust on the production site, and low noise. Therefore, the environmental pollution is small.

Steel Shot Filled Phenolic Resin Coated Sand Shell Moulding Processing Casting Line for Motor Cover

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 Phenolic resin coated sand shell molding production line is mainly used to produce high-quality castings: such as automobile cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, various pipe fittings, pump bodies and other complex castings.

The sand mold produced by the shell molding process has the advantages of high strength, good air permeability, and good sand collapsibility. The surface of the castings produced is smoother, has high geometric and dimensional accuracy, reduces or does not require mechanical processing, and shortens the production cycle. Saving metal materials and reducing costs can significantly reduce casting defects, improve the inherent quality of castings, and reduce the rejection rate of castings.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-SFM Sand Filled Shell Molding Line
2 Production Capacity 10t/20t/30t/50t/80t per hour
3 Whether Provide Turn-Key Solution Yes
4 Techncial Configuration Customized According to your detail reqeusts
5 Automatic or Semi-auto Line Both can customzied
6 Provide Technical Drawing Design or not Yes
7 Installation and Training Service Professional Engineer go to Your Factory to finish
8 Budget Range Customized Solution According to your budget range
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