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S20 Series Bowl Type Resin Sand Mixer N-Hard Sand Mixing Machine For Sand Core Production

S20 series bowl type core sand mixer is mainly composed of sand mixing container, transmission system and discharge port. It is characterized by small size, light weight, even sand mixing, is the main equipment for making small resin sand and core. The resin sand mixing equipment is used to mix the hard core sand and molding sand, its sand mixing work is spherical container through a special high-speed rotating blade, so that the sand produces eddy motion, in an instant, so that the sand and curing agent and resin adhesive fully mixed.

S20 Series Bowl Type Resin Sand Mixer N-Hard Sand Mixing Machine For Sand Core Production


Main  Description: 

 This bowl type resin sand core mixing equipment is only used for mixing sand and sand from the hard core. It can be used alone or with other devices with a combination of sand from the hard-bake sand production line.

Working Principle Of Bowl Sand Mixer

The working mechanism is symmetically installed on the cross head by two sand mixing blades. When mixing sand, the transmission device drives the spindle to rotate at a high speed, driving the two blades with special spiral angles to rotate, and strongly stirring the materials in the spherical basin. On the one hand, the spherical basin can reduce the dead Angle of sand piling, which is conducive to accelerating the circulation of sand flow. On the other hand, under the action of spiral blade, the inertiaof sand can be used to make the sand flow move up along the sphere, then roll down under the action of gravity, and then be thrown up by the latter blade. The rotating speed of the main shaft of the sand mixer is high

No. Item Specification
1 Model S20 Series Bowl Mixer
2 Productivity 1t/h,2t/h,4t/h,6t/h,10t/h
3 Mixing capacity 10-200kg/batch
4 Mixing time 10-70mins accoridng to model choice
5 Blade Rotation Speed 120-320r/min
6 Motor Power 3-18.5kw or custmized
7 Weight 420-5500kg according to model choice
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