Sand Mixing Machine

Foundry Equipment For Greend Sand or Resin Sand Preparation


S1408 Continuously High Speed Rotator Type Green Sand Mixer Casting Sand Mixing Machine

The S14 series sand mixer is a machine which can mix the sand, binder, additive, water, etc. for casting evenly and make it into molding sand or core sand with certain performance.can make the components of molding sand mix evenly , make the binder effectively cover the sand surface .
Rotor type Green sand mixer – Model S14 Series is used to mix clay sand or green sand as common foundry equipment. Used sands or new sands are mixed with clay, coal powder. Water is also added while mixing from special water supply device.

S1408 Continuously High Speed Rotator Type Green Sand Mixer Casting Sand Mixing Machine


Main  Description: 

S14 series high speed rotator type green sand mixer machine is mainly used for mixing molding sand in foundry workshops, that is, single sand for machine modeling, dry film sand, self-hardening sand, face sand and back sand, and it can also be used for glass, ceramics and refractory. Materials and other industries to mix all kinds of powder and granular materials.

(1)Double “s” scraper is optimally matched with high-speed rake rotor, with large amount of sand mixing, strong mixing ability and good sand performance.

(2)New materials such as alumina wear-resistant ceramic backing plate, alloy knife block surfacing scraper, etc., have improved the life of wearing parts.

(3)soft-start, alloy steel gear, lubrication control machine, ensure smooth and reliable transmission system, and can start under load.

(4)Symmetrically opened access doors for easy maintenance and cleaning

(5)The latest type of side discharge door opens flexibly and works reliably, completely solving the problem of sand leakage at the bottom.

No. Item Specification
1 Model S1408
2 Disc Diameter 800mm
3 Mixing capacity 150kg/s
4 Productivity 4t/h
5 Motor Power 7.5kw
6 Rotor Speed 1400rpm
7 Weight 700kg around
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