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Q6920 Roller Conveyor Type Shotblast Equipment Pass Through Wheel Shot Blasting Machine For Steel Structures

Q69 Continuously pass through type roller conveyor shot blasting machine is heavy duty blast cleaning equipment. Roller conveyors are made of three parts, feeding rollers, middle rollers and out-feeding rollers. Feeding rollers deliver work pieces to middle rollers in blasting chamber where work pieces will be blasted by blasting wheels mounted on the blasting chamber walls. Out-feeding rollers deliver blasted and finished work pieces out of blasting chamber for unloading.
Feeding rollers and out-feeding rollers are driven by variable speed reducers. Roller speed can be adjustable according to work pieces surface condition and metal surface finish level.

Q6920 Roller Conveyor Type Shotblast Equipment Pass Through Wheel Shot Blasting Machine For Steel Structures

Main  Description: 

Q69 Roller conveyor through type shot blasting cleaning machine is the most environment-friendly and the most effective process to remove all forms of rust and corrosion materials from steel plate, pipes, steel structure, h beam, steel tube, profiles, steel angles and channels, etc.

 Roller conveyors shot blast equipments are mainly used to clean large workpieces, such as steel plates, profiles, I and H beams and simple constructions in a continuous through feed process.This type of shot blasting machine are mostly used for descaling, derusting, paint removal, paint preparation, deburring and general surface preparation prior welding, cutting, machining and burning operations.

Treated objects move through the shot blasting machine on a roller conveyor. Blasting turbines are made from wear-resistant materials with power from 5.5 to 30 kW, providing efficient shot blasting. Roller conveyor shot blasting machine robust housing is protected by wear resistant shields made from manganese steel liners. Rubber seal curtains keep the abrasive inside the blasting chamber.Rotating brush and high-pressure fan remove the abrasive from the treated object before it exits the shot blasting machine.Screw conveyors, elevator and sand cleaner provide returning and continuous automatic cleaning of the abrasive.

No. Item Specification
1 Model Q6920
2 Blasting Turbine 4sets x 7.5kw / 11KW
3 Opening Size Width Max 1500mm, Height 400mm (Customized)
4 Blasting Capacity 6 x 250 kg/min
5 Abrasive recycling capacity 25t/min
6 Feeding speed 0-4m/min adjustable
7 Air Volume 17000M3/min
8 Recommend Abrasive 0.5-1.5mm steel shot,steel grits or cust wire.
9 Total Power 160kw around
10 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5
11 Foundation Pit Required NO
12 Roller Conveyor System Length 2-12m Customized
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