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Q4830 Pass Through Overhead Rail Hanging Type Wheel Shot Blasting Machine

Q48 Overhead Rail Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine is continuous blast cleaning line for casting parts, forging parts and small fabricated metal work pieces.
Bigger work pieces can be put on hanger hook uniquely. Smaller work pieces will be put on special tooling and then put on hanger hooks.After loading work pieces, hanger hooks will be driven into blasting chamber along loop rail conveyor.
Work pieces are rotating in blasting chamber to get steel shot impact from blasting wheels mounted on both sides chamber wall. After 2-6 min blast cleaning, work pieces will move out along loop rail conveyor for unloading or moving to coating line .
Overhead Rail Conveyor Shot Blast Machine is suitable for automatic production line in mass production.

Q4830 Pass Through Overhead Rail Hanging Type Wheel Shot Blasting Machine

Main  Description: 

Monorail conveyor (hanging chain) shot blasting machine is suitable for  iron castings, steel casting, forging and stamping workpiece cleaning, particularly suitable for forging, casting workpiece cleaning, to remove the adhering sand, rust, scale, dirt of workpiece surface, make the workpiece presents clean surface, eliminate the internal stress of workpiece, improve the fatigue resistance, increase the workpiece painting adhesion, and eventually to improve workpiece surface and inner quality.As a rule, overhead rail shot blasting machine is offered either for batch and continuous processing.

It is particularly recommended for high output and in-line production and painting installations.

It is also is especially suitable for the treatment of:

1) Aluminium die-castings and its alloys

2) Casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (with application of special devices such as magnetic separators, vibrating screens, etc.)

3) structural steel works

4) gears, for heat treatment

Operators load the work piece in front of the pneumatic door, and the hook conveyor transport workpiece into blasting chamber. The rotation mechanism makes the hook rotate in the blasting chamber.

The hook can also move back and forth in the chamber.Two sets of blast turbines will give thorough blasting to workpiece. After blasting, the hook conveyor transports the hook out of the chamber from the other pneumatic door and moves to next step.  It is a continuous work process, and can be connected the whole production line or used separately. 

No. Item Specification
1 Model Q4830
2 Blasting Turbine 2sets x 7.5kw / 11KW /15kw
3 Cleaning Efficiency 10hooks/h
4 Ral Speed 2.44m/min
5 Rail Distance 1280mm
6 Power Min39kw
7 Air Volume 6000M3/min
8 Recommend Abrasive 0.5-1.5mm steel shot,steel grits or cust wire.
9 Max Hanging Weight 300kg
10 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5
11 Support Customization Yes
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