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Q3710 Spinner Hanger Double Hooks Y Type Shot Blasting Machine Wheel Blaster

Q37 Continuously spinner double hanger hooks type shot blasting machine is blast cleaning equipment for Aluminum die-casting, Magnesium castings, small steel fabrications, rims/wheels, gears and technological treatments.forges, foundries, steel structures, gears, heat treatments, electric transformers etc. Bigger work pieces can be put on hanger hook uniquely. Smaller work pieces will be put on special tooling and then put on hanger hooks. After loading work pieces, hanger hooks will be driven into blasting chamber along T or Y overhead rails.

Q3710 Spinner Hanger Double Hooks Y Type Shot Blasting Machine Wheel Blaster

Main  Description: 

Q37 Spinner Hanging Type Double or Single Hook shot blasting machine are designed to clean parts hanging from an overhead conveyor and used for castings or large parts that cannot be tumbled. We offer various designs including flow-through, Y-track, continuous or in-line blast designs. Some advantages to our designs include: low head room required, low initial investment, complete blast coverage without damaging parts.

Qingdao Hezhi hook (spinner hanger) type shot blasting machine are installations with operational flexibility, suitable for many types of work. The range of machines is very wide, so it is easy to identify the most suitable machine for any need. The functioning principle is the one of hanging the work-pieces (singly or collectively). The hook runs and rotates inside the machine exposing all the surface of the work pieces to the abrasive action from the wheels, positioned on the side of the blast chamber.

No. Item Specification
1 Model Q3710
2 Blasting Turbine 2sets x 4kw
3 Cleaning Area Φ900 x H 1600mm
4 Blasting Capacity 2 x 250kg/min
5 Abrasive recycling capacity 16t/min
6 Cleaning time 5-15mins per batch (related to produce material)
7 Air Volume 9000M3/h
8 Recommend Abrasive 0.5-2mm steel shot,steel grits or cust wire.
9 Total Power 36.55kw around
10 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5
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