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Q326 Standard Tumble Rubber Belt Type Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Shotblaster

Q326 type tumble belt shot blasting machine is the smallest compact shot blaster with all in one design,suitable for cleaning the surface of various small and medium parts. easy to packaing and delivery, save space and shipping cost, an ideal surface treatment equipment for modern enterprises.

Q326 Standard Tumble Rubber Belt Type Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine Shotblaster

Main  Description: 

HZ61 Series automatic flaskless horizontal parting type green sand molding machine no need’s an improved version of sand molding machine,Mold patterns are moved to the middle and two half metal molds will close.Green sands are injected into molds and hydraulic power of two half molds will compact the sand molds. 

The box free type sand molding machine adopts double-sided template, pneumatic sand feeding.Uniform hardness, flask closing high precision and adjustable sand thickness;easy replacement of template.

The hydraulic oil temperature control ensures the best running state of the equipment.This machine is easy to operate, double safety protection, visual sand type situation, operating procedure is humanized.Improve productivity effectively.

Hezhi Machinery supports to customised different configuration according to different requests.

No. Item Specification
1 Model Q326
2 Blasting Turbine 1set x 4kw
3 Blasting Chamber 40L
4 Blasting Room Size Diameter 400mm x L 650mm
5 Cleaning Capacity Max 100kg/h
6 Total Power 7kw
7 Dust Collection Air Volume 2200M3/h
8 Machine Weight 850kg around
9 Machine Size 3.6*1.6*2.8m around
10 Dust Collector system One-piece or Split Type (Customized)
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