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Q3110 Rolling Drum Type Shot Blaster Rotation Barrel Shot Blasting Machine For Small Castings Cleaning

Q3110 Series Rotary Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine is blast cleaning equipment for casting parts, forging parts and small fabricated metal work pieces.
Smaller work pieces will be put into rotating blasting chamber like drum. Blasting wheel from end side opposite to door clean work pieces.
This high-peed impeller throws the abrasive to the continuous tumbling castings or forgings in barrel, to remove the greensand or scales on the surface. It cleans evenly and its productivity is high, so it is suitable for cleaning the small workpieces whose weight are under 15Kg in medium or small-scale casting or forging workshops.

Q3110 Rolling Drum Type Shot Blaster Rotation Barrel Shot Blasting Machine For Small Castings Cleaning

Main  Description: 

Q31 Rotary table rolling drum smaller shot blasting machine charactors

1.Simple design has very few moving parts, ensuring maximum uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

2. With automatic stopping device.

3. The machine has individual dust-collecting device, the installation spot is not limited by the ventilation pipelines in workshops.

4. PLC control , can achieve automatic operation.

5. TRotary barrel is made of highly wear-resistant manganese steel with thickness10mm, good quality and stable  performance. Its lifetime is 13 times of alloy casting iron.

6. with a wide range of optional features, including loading and unloading equipment, abrasive adding systems, and media classification options.

7. The modular construction guarantees easy access and replacement of wear parts for simple and efficient maintenance.

No. Item Specification
1 Model Q3110
2 Blasting Turbine 1set x 7.5kw / 11kw
3 Rotating Speed 3r/min
4 Blasting Capacity 1x 120 kg/min
5 Drum Volume 0.1m3
6 Workpiece Weight Max 15kg
7 Batch Load Weight 300kg
8 Recommend Abrasive 0.5-1.2mm steel shot,steel grits or cust wire.
9 Total Power 10kw around
10 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5
11 Productivity 600-1500kg/h
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