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LP 550mm Portable Vacuum Concrete Road Surface Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine With One Blast Turbine

Portable conctere road surface shot blasting machine is a relatively common and common shot blasting machine.
By mechanical method, the road surface shot blasting machine throws the steel shot on the surface of the material at a high speed and a certain angle to make it rough. At the same time, the shot steel is recycled for recycling and the dust is removed to complete the environmental cleaning process.
The pavement equipment is small and light, movable and imple, convenient and widely used.

LP 550mm Portable Vacuum Concrete Road Surface Cleaning Shot Blasting Machine With One Blast Turbine

Main  Description: 

Vertical Plate surface QXY series Continuously pass through type roller conveyor Shot Blasting Machine is special blast cleaning equipment for steel plate, steel sheet and strips. Steel plate shot blasting consists of roller table, shot blasting machine, dust removal and mist removal device, etc. Steel plate be fixted on frame vertically.won’t stock steel shot on the surface, more ecconomity for steel sheet cleaning.

Feeding rollers deliver steel plate, steel sheet and strips to middle rollers in blasting chamber where work pieces will be blasted by blasting wheels mounted on the blasting chamber walls.Brushing and sweeping unit will collect steel shots on the plate surface to screw conveyor. And screw conveyor delivery steel shots to bucket elevator.  Out-feeding rollers deliver blasted and finished plate out of blasting chamber finally unloading  steel plate and steel sheet are blasted to reach SA2.5 to SA3.0 surface level. Different roughness depends on different sized steel shots, steel grits and steel wires.

No. Item Specification
1 Model LP series (Standard Model)
2 Blasting Turbine 2set
3 Blasting width 550mm or 850mm
4 Blasting Turbine Motor 7.5kw x2sets or 11kw x 2sets
5 Forwarding Speed 0.5-33m/min
6 Concrete Surface Cleaning Speed 400M2/h or 600Me/h for concrete surface
7 Steel Plate Surface Cleaning Speed 100m2/h or 160m2/h
8 Dust Collector Equip and Portable
9 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5
10 Recommend Abrasive 1.2-1.5mm steel shot,steel grits or cust wire.
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