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Low Price Dust Free Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine Manual Operation Or Automatic

The dust free cabinet sandblasting machine is suitable for the sandblasting processing requirements of your different products.
Sealed cabinet aovid dust, very environmentally friendly.
in the cabinet, can be manual operation to handle workpiece and blasting gun, also can equip with rotation table and hanging automatic blasting guns,cabinet size, table size, blast gun quantity, operating stations quantity, dry type blasting or wet type blasting , high pressure blasting or common pressure. manual or automatic, all can customized accoridngly.

Low Price Dust Free Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine Manual Operation Or Automatic


Main  Description: 

1. Pretreatment: Electroplating, spray paint, spray, etc. All are covered sandblasting before machining, surface is absolutely clean, at the same time greatly improve the coating adhesion and corrosion resistance ability.

2. Clean up: Casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, such as metal artifacts to scale, residue, dirt; Cleaning the surface of non-metallic products, ceramic embryo dark spots on the surface of the clear lacquer and reduction pattern, etc.

3. Old refurbished: Automobile, motorcycle, mechanical and electrical equipment and clean all moving parts. At the same time, eliminate fatigue stress, prolong service life.

4. Finishing: All metal and non-metal products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) can eliminate surface, dumb matte processing, make the product surface level.

5. Mold processing: Mold surface and matte treatment, graphic production, as well as mold cleaning, do not hurt and die surface, ensure accuracy of mould.

6. Burrs treatment: Small burr removal machining parts, plastic injection parts glue burrs.

7. Bad product rework: Bad product coating removal, remove bad surface coloring and printing.

8. Enhance the hardness on the surface of the metal, eliminate stress, such as the plane leaves, spring, mechanical cutters and weapons and other surface treatment.

9. Etching antiskid processing: Etching pattern in the surface of metal products and non-metallic products, words and antiskid processing, such as marble, handle non-slip, seal, stone lettering, etc.

10. The processing of jeans: Jeans sanding, pale and cat must effect is achieved.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-CB series Cabinet Sand Blasting Machine
2 Cabinet Size 600*700mm/800*900mm/1200*1200mm or customized
3 Blasting Gun Quantity Min 1pcs, customiesd
4 Blasting Gun Operation Manual or Automatic Swing
5 Rotation Table size 400mm/600mm/800mm or Customized
6 Rotation Table Running By Manual Or Automatic Rotating
7 Blasting Type Dry Blasting or Wet Blasting
8 Pressure Type High Pressure type or Common Pressure type
9 Operation Stations 1 Person / 2 Person /3person or customusied
10 Outer Trolley Optional Item accoridng to your request
11 Control system Button Control Type Or PLC control
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