FOUNDRY Sand Molding


HZ-Z41 High Speed Complete Clay Sand Molding Line Automatic Vertical Parting Flaskless Green Sand Moulding Machine

Z41 seres Vertical parting type flaskless sand molding machine adopts vertical parting and double station operation.
Vertical parting flaskless moulding machine, no sand box, automatic core lowering mechanism, high pressure, high speed, continuously working, fully automatic, hydraulic Auxiliary molding.
With advantages of large-scale production, high production efficiency, accurate casting size, low noise, low vibration, low labor intensity, simple main engine, small auxiliary machinery, small footprint Conducive to upgrading the old line, is a reliable molding equipment for the production of small and medium castings.

HZ-Z41 High Speed Complete Clay Sand Molding Line Automatic Vertical Parting Flaskless Green Sand Moulding Machine


Main  Description: 

HZ41 series boxless molding machine is for automatic mass production of small and medium clay sand castings. Especially for casting weight is below 50kg and without sand core or simple core. Such as machinery parts, auto and motorcycle parts, valves, bearings, cylinder head, flywheel housing and brake caliper, but also pipe fitting, shaft and cover, like T joint, elbow and clampetc .

More competitive for those products require inner sand core

Flaskless foundry sand molding machine has the advantages of light equipment, small footprint, high safety performance, simple modeling, high precision, make low noise.and wide application range.

Automatic Sand Molding Machine Advantages

* Equipped with two sand core push-out stations, alternate molding &pushing out cores, no effect each other, extending the effective time of push-out core.

* Two stations &two conveying tracks,  flexible working mode & adapt to different cooling time requirements 

* Casting area concentrated , reduces the casting work intensity  & save space

* Cast iron splint(can be SUS304). Wear-resistant and non-deformable.

* SUS304 track surface, wear-resistant, small transport resistance.

* Steel base is aged and durable. Good precision machining.

* Equipped with automatic lubrication and imported dust seal. Guarantee the equipment to work for a long time and high frequency.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-Z416
2 Sand Mold Size 600*500mm / 650*535mm
3 Sand Mold Thickness 120-150mm/150-250mm
4 Production Capacity 250moulds/h , 300molds /h
5 Molding hardness 70-90 unit
6 Sand Csonsumption 12-15t/h , 20-35t/h
7 Power 22kw / 42.5kw
8 Molding Track Length 20-28m, 24-36m,(customized )
11 Electrical System Brand Schneider / AirTAC / Yuken / Green / Kingst
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