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DB150 Dustless Portable Wet Type Sand Blasting Machine For Graffiti Rust Paint Cleaning

DB Series Portable water sand blasting tank is a necessary tool for traditonal corrosion resistance operation, such as marine repair,rust removal of piping and tank body,renewal of container etc.which directly affect thecleaning effect of the workpiece. According to the requirements of work efficiency, the size of abrasives, etc., the sand-blasting tank of appropriate specifications can can be selected. Automatic spray guns can be configured for automated cleaning.

DB150 Dustless Portable Wet Type Sand Blasting Machine For Graffiti Rust Paint Cleaning


Main  Description: 

DB series  Dustfree Blasting Machine is mainly for kinds of metal surface treatment. It’s already widely used in automotive, heavy equipment, marine, refinery, fleet vehicles, powder coating, wood restoration, offshore and asbestos abatement these areas, to be exact, such as, polishing, rust removal and old coatings of steel profiles, steel pipes, shipyards repair, surface rust and oxide skin of forging, welding parts and heat treatment parts.

Abrasives blasting medias in the tank (crushed glass, crystal, plastic, garnet, etc ) spray on work pieces surface at high speeds through sand blasting hoses under the action of compressed air, impacts and grinds metal surface to remove impurities, which makes work pieces has certain roughness to enlarge working facial area, eliminate stressconcentration, and increase fatigue resistance of mechanical products and metal parts. It also greatly improves work pieces speciousness, coating layer adhesion, quality and corrosion resistance.

No. Item Specification
1 Model DB150
2 Blasting Capacity 1 Cubic foot (0.028M3)
3 Blasting Time 15 Mins per tank
4 Air Compressor Requested 120CFM
5 Machine size 1215x505x560mm
6 Machine weight 75kg around
7 Operating Pressure 30-150 PSI
8 Blasting Hose Length 15m (can extend if need)
9 Blasting Nozzle Dia 8mm/10mm/12mm
10 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5
11 Machine Color White/Black/Green/Red/Blue/Yellow/Orange
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