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Complete Resin Sand Processing Equipment Coated Sand Foundry Casting Steel Shot Filled Production Machinery

Hezhi Machinery Resin sand production /reclaiming and molding system
Resin sand production /reclaiming and molding systerm is of low energy consumption, less sand crushing, high regeneration efficiency, less wearing parts, easy maintenance, small occupied area and so on. This machine is a combination of regenerating and winnowing.And it has got the ISO9001:2008/CE/BV/TUV certification .
resin coated sand molding production line is mainly used to produce high-quality castings: such as automobile cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, various pipe fittings, pump bodies and other complex castings.

Complete Resin Sand Processing Equipment Coated Sand Foundry Casting Steel Shot Filled Production Machinery

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Main  Description: 

Hezhi Machinery have full expertise and experience to design & manufacture complete resin sand casting production line. 

This resin sand casting production line is full automatic, high efficient and eco-friendly. 

Lines include sand preparing, resin sand core shooting molding machine,sand reclaiming machine, dust collecting and blast cleaning. 

The productivity from 3t-100t productiong capacity.

Custom resin sand production lines for specific inquiries are available according to annual casting yield, workshop space, cost and budget and labor condition.

The resin sand mold produced  has the advantages of high strength, good air permeability, and good sand collapsibility. The surface of the castings produced is smoother, has high geometric and dimensional accuracy, reduces or does not require mechanical processing, and shortens the production cycle. Saving metal materials and reducing costs can significantly reduce casting defects, improve the inherent quality of castings, and reduce the rejection rate of castings.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-RSL Resin Sand Production Line
2 Production Capacity 3t/5t/10t/20t/30t/50t/80t/100t per hour
3 Whether Provide Turn-Key Solution Yes
4 Techncial Configuration Customized According to your detail reqeusts
5 Automatic or Semi-auto Line Both can customzied
6 Provide Technical Drawing Design or not Yes
7 Installation and Training Service Professional Engineer go to Your Factory to finish
8 Budget Range Customized Solution According to your budget range
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