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China Automatic Static Pressure Casting Molding Line Foundry Sand Processing Moulding Equipment

Static pressure molding production line is the preliminary compaction of the molding sand through air pre-compaction,then the final compaction of the molding sand through the hydraulic pressure head.

In static pressure line modeling, hydraulic drive is often used.The specific hydraulic station selection varies according to the user’s requirements for efficiency. Generally used in pairs. One is the previous one and the other is the next. The compactness of the shape is also adjusted according to the actual requirements of the user.The static pressure molding machine is generally used with an open line.Of course, there are some auxiliary machines, which can perform sand box cleaning, trolley cleaning, blow holes, washing mouths, inserting cores, turning boxes and closing boxes, etc.

China Automatic Static Pressure Casting Molding Line Foundry Sand Processing Moulding Equipment

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Automatic molding production line, automatic casting line, horizontal parting box molding, automatic static pressure molding line is suitable for clay sand process modeling, can produce large quantities of medium and large castings, improve productivity, save costs, produce castings of good quality and high precision , It can produce complex castings, mainly auto parts, wheels, pipe fittings, manhole covers, textile machinery parts, machine tool parts, etc.

Advantages of automatic molding static pressure line:

1. The sand mold is hard and compact;

2. Reduce the expansion of the sand mold;

3. Improve the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of castings;

4. No noise in operation;

5. Less gas-no need to exhaust separately;

6. No leakage of sand;

7. Extrusion mode, high surface hardness, high sand mold hardness near the model, that is, the sand box position;

8. There is a better guarantee for the deep sand mold;

9. The equipment can be used flexibly and assembled-it can be used alone or in conjunction with the production line;

10. Compact structure, convenient operation, high yield, economical and practical.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-SPM Static Pressure Molding Line
2 Production Capacity /30t/50t/80t per hour or customized
3 Whether Provide Turn-Key Solution Yes
4 Techncial Configuration Customized According to your detail reqeusts
5 Automatic Configuration Auto Turning Box and Transporting
6 Provide Technical Drawing Design or not Yes
7 Installation and Training Service Professional Engineer go to Your Factory to finish
8 Budget Range Customized Solution According to your budget range
9 Suitable for Large Product Making:Manhole cover Production

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