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Cheap Portable Dry Type Sand Blasting Cleaning Tank For Outdoor Application

Dry type sand blasting tank are the core components of small sandblasting machines and large sandblasting rooms, which directly affect the cleaning effect of the workpiece. According to the requirements of work efficiency, the size of abrasives, etc., the sand-blasting tank of appropriate specifications can can be selected. Automatic spray guns can be configured for automated cleaning.


Cheap Portable Dry Type Sand Blasting Cleaning Tank For Outdoor Application


Main  Description: 

Sand Blaster Machine is the vehicle used to blast sand onto the surface of machine to polish and remove its impurity, old rust and oxide coating. Sand Blasting Machine can improve the efficiency and stability of your machine without any damage.The most ideal method for large area cleaning before; surface hardening, finishing and engraving for uncoated surfaces.

1. Sand Blaster has newest craftsmanship, latest technology and durable working life.

2. High efficiency, one machine’s efficiency = 50-80 workers’ efficiency

3. Excellent performance, superior derusting results.

4. Flexible and convenient to move through wheels on the bottom of our Sand blaster.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-DS Series
2 Tank Capacity 150L/300L /500L/800L/1000L/1500L/2000L/3000L
3 Blasting Gun Quantity 1set or more sets
4 Blasting Hose Length 10m per gun (Support Extend if need)
5 Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
6 Air Consumption 3-8 m3/min per gun
7 Control Mode Manual Operation
8 Tank Diameter Min 400mm, Max 1500mm
9 Machine Height Min 1100mm. Max 2300mm
10 Finished Surface Level Sa2.0-2.5
11 Machine Color White/Black/Green/Red/Blue/Yellow/Orange
12 Wheels Quantity 2 Wheels
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