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Automatic Turntable Cabinet Type Rotating Table Sand Blasting Machine For Pan Pot Cleaning

Automatic sandblasting machine with turntable suitable for batch processing of inner and outer surfaces of round disc,cup-shaped or barrel-shaped objects, cylinder and polygon shape product. such as helmets, rice cooker, non-stick pan, landscaping, glass bottle.
This machine can effectively clean and finish surfaces with high efficiency and consistent quality.

Automatic Turntable Cabinet Type Rotating Table Sand Blasting Machine For Pan Pot Cleaning


Main  Description: 

This automatic rolling table type sand blaster activates through a large turntable taking a quantity of small turntables, both rotating in 360 degree. After operators clip the parts in the small turntables, the large turntable drives them to the blasting stations, and auto guns swing and blasting to make a high quality finish.

Automatic Rotating Table Sandblasting Machine Features

1. The blast gun group can be set for fixed blasting or swinging blasting with adjustable speed and angle.

2. Small turtables drives through an independent motor, stepless speed regulation by converter.

3. Blasting time, blasting distance between parts and gun also can be adjusted to optimize processing.

4. High automation task controlled by PLC system, guarantee the balanced uniform blasting effect and safe production.

5. Specially custom fixtures based on workparts, provided for quick and solid clipping to improve efficiency.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-AT series Auto Turntable Type
2 Cabinet Size 800*900mm/1200*1200mm or customized
3 Blasting Gun Quantity Min4 pcs or customized
4 Blasting Gun Operation Automatic Swing type
5 Big Rotation Table one set with customized diameter
6 Small Rotation Table Quantity customized ,
7 Blasting Type Dry Blasting or Wet Blasting
8 Dust Collector Equipped
9 Lighting System Led lighting
10 Rotation Speed Adjustable
11 Control system Button Control Type Or PLC control
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