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Automatic Roller Coveyor Type Belt Conveying Pass Through Sand Blasting Machine

The dust-free automatic conveyor sandblasting machine adopts suction sandblasting, that is, the compressed air flows at high speed in the spray gun to form a negative pressure to produce an ejection effect, and the sand material in the cyclone separator tank is sucked into the spray gun through the sand conveying pipe Inside, then with the compressed air flow from the nozzle to the surface of the workpiece at high speed, to achieve the purpose of sandblasting the workpiece.
Automatic conveyor blasting system with many pcs automatic blast guns specially suitable for batch production of flat parts, like mobile shells, computer motherboard, steel plate, etc.
This is a popular automatic blasting solution which provide easy operation and high performance. passing through for continuous surface finishing.

Automatic Roller Coveyor Type Belt Conveying Pass Through Sand Blasting Machine


Main  Description: 

In the automatic pass-through conveyor belt sand blasting machine, components are continuously presented to an array of pre-positioned guns as the parts are conveyed in and out of the blast chamber on an adjustable-speed steel mesh belt, many pcs suction-blast guns are bracketed to sweep parts in linear motion synchronized with continuous movement of the belt. 

Advantages of Conveying type sand blasting machine:

1. The operation is simple and the efficiency is high. According to different process requirements, different sizes of sand can be replaced, and the sand can be automatically recycled to save costs.

2. The conveying speed of the workpiece can be adjusted steplessly according to the technological parameters of the workpiece to achieve a satisfactory blasting effect.

3. The workpiece automatically enters the blasting area and is blasted as required. The blasting time can be set as required by the blast effect.

4. The spray gun adopts angle swing mode, and various spray angles can be fine-tuned to achieve a good processing effect.

5. The sand material adopts the screw conveying method, which can ensure the recycling of the sand material.

6. Equipped with filter dust collector, can remove the dust generated in the work.

No. Item Specification
1 Model HZ-AC series Auto Conveying Type
2 Opening Size Min W400*H300mm,(customzied )
3 Blasting Gun Quantity Min4 pcs( customized)
4 Blasting Gun Operation Automatic Swing type from different direction
5 Conveying System Belt Type or Roller Type
6 Blast from Bottom No problem
7 Bottom Screw Conveyor Can Equip
8 Dust Collector Equipped
9 Lighting System Led lighting
10 Blasting Speed and Angle Adjustable
11 Control system Button Control Type Or PLC control
12 Extra Feeding Table Can Provide and Customized
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