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Qingdao Hezhi Machinery Group is a manufacturer for Automatic Machinery,Foundry Machinery & Shot Blasting Machine since 2005.Products cover Mask Production Machinery,Moulding Equipment,Sand Reclamation Equipment, Sand Mixer, Dust Collector and Shot Blasting Machines.etc.We have different workshop for automatic machinery and foundry machinery .We owned 3600m2 work shop area for production with 2×10 cranes.Another 2600m2 space is planned for extension in 2020.

ISO9001 & CE are achieved. Full set of production,QC(3 staff) and after-sales (3 staff) guarantee none-defective products.3D Solidworks is used in designing. R&D staff with over 20 years expertise experience to meet your customized requirements.Our philosophy: Professional, Efficienct, Loyal, Our mission: To creat core vlaue for our customer, our staff and our company.Choose Hezhi,Get factory price and reliable Machinery!

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We are in the position to design a complete line of foundry equipment including green sand casting, resin sand casting, lost foam casting and etc …

Green sand casting

A greensand casting is made in a sand mold bonded with clay, the name referring not to the colour of the sand but to the fact that the mold is uncured. Dry-sand molds are similar, except that the sand is baked before receiving any metal.

Resin sand casting

Resin sand casting process is a kind of floor molding process by using the resin sand as the molding material. Resin sand is a kind of mixture of quartz sand and resin. After mixing and burning, the resin sand could become very hard and solid, so we called it as the hard mold.

Lost foam casting

Lost foam casting is a process used to create complex metal pieces and parts in which molten metal evaporates a foam mold being held still with sand. The process starts with a polystyrene foam as the mold material which can be carved, machined from a foam block, or created using a process similar to injection molding.

Static Pressure Casting

Static casting is the process of introducing molten metal into a reusable mold to produce solid, one-piece shapes. The mold consists of two or more sections and has an opening. Inside the mold are chambers with the desired product shape or features. Molten metal is poured into the mold.

V process casting

V-Process Casting is a process that quickly produces castings of all sizes and shapes. It is a crossover process, which combines the best benefits from all other standard casting processes.

Shell mould casting

Shell molding, also known as shell-mold casting,[1] is an expendable mold casting process that uses resin covered sand to form the mold. As compared to sand casting, this process has better dimensional accuracy, a higher productivity rate, and lower labour requirements.

casting solutions provider


We help ferrous and non-ferrous foundries optimize their capacity, productivity, and product quality. HEZHI designs manufactures and installs new equipment as well as working with you to update existing equipment.

Sand Preparation

Sand Adding, Mixing and Watering

Dust Collection

Collecting dusts during casting

Shake-out Unit

Shaking our castings from foundy sands

Casting Cooling

Cooling castings 

Molding Line

Making moulds for metal casting

Storing Conveyor

Storing finished casting parts

Core sand preparation

Preparing foundry sand cores

Core handling

Handling sand cores

Our proven methodology

Our CORE methodology is the foundation of our success. It ensures the best possible results for your foundry and guarantees you are presented with viable options to help improve your operations and output.

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” Qingdao Hezhi Machine Company is really a reliable manufacturer!
Good machine,good qulity and good service.
Cooperate well with you!”

Dennis Burke
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“I learned that Hezhi is very good through a friend’s introduction, so this company was directly selected for this molding line project, the equipment has been put into use, and everything is perfect. All the details are exactly the same as I expected, every consultation can be answered very promptly, everything is satisfied, such an excellent supplier, I will continue to cooperate with you “

Tyler Garza
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” Hezhi Machine with strong strength and good reputation, each cooperation can be delivered on time or even in advance. All the equipment performance is very good, the quality makes me very satisfied! “

Carol Greene
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” Very professional company and team. The whole communication and cooperation process is very pleasant. Every question can be solved in a timely and effective manner. The installation and commissioning process is also very professional, giving our employees professional and effective help~Thank you so much!”

Rose Galler

Why work with HEZHI?

For the past 40 years we have been helping foundries improve both the quality of their castings and their productivity. Our areas of expertise are green sand preparation, core making equipment, vibrating machinery and environmental solutions.

HEZHI Industrie provides an end-to-end service so no more frustrations working with automation subcontractors. We design and develop our equipment leveraging the experience of our different competency centres. Our equipment is manufactured in France and robotics support is provided by HEZHI which is located on the same site. Finally, we offer support via our maintenance and repair services.

A proven track record

Everyone says this but we can prove it. You can review our foundry testimonials or our client projects. Our team are highly experienced and have been working in the foundry industry for more years than they would care to admit.

Expert teams

HEZHI specialises in a number of key areas; sand preparation, core centres and moulding lines and vibrating technologies. This is why we have developed key competency centres across Europe. Our teams focus on one specific aspect of foundry equipment making them specialists in that specific area.

Accelerate your growth

Grow alongside HEZHI. We've expanded our work areas opened HEZHI and acquired SPACE who are experts in sand cooling and preparation equipment for green sand. Our expansion increases the equipment range available from one manufacturer allowing us to forge deeper relationships and optimise your foundry for growth. Not only is our latest equipment is Industry 4.0 compatible, we also plan to lead the way when it comes to greener machinery as this helps foundries achieve better results and secure their future.

A real partnership

Our goal is to help your foundry stay ahead of the competition in your specialist industry for years to come. This is why we work with you to find the best solution for your company. Our approach is successful thanks to the rigorous application of the above points. We understand your business, we have equipment that is adapted to your needs and we have high retention which means our expertise improves year-on-year.

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